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The International Mirror Class Photo Competition was won by a picture submitted by the Joyce family from Launceston, which was featured in the last edition of the Tasmanian Yachtsman. Congratulations!

This picture of Andrew Joyce helming Time 'n' Tide in the 2002 Schools Regatta,at Lindisfarne, is our third entry in the photo competition

A wonderful (but late) entry from Gavin Rigby was received well after the deadline, but is such a great photo that we have included with the entries. The picture is of Glenn and Lloyd Collings, taken during the Mirror World Championships in 2003. They finished in 3 rd place overall.

Glenn, the helm, had a pretty impressive 3 rd place this year in the Etchell World Championships, beating both John Bertrand and Dennis Connor!

Once again showing that the Mirror Class has produced its fair share of champion sailors.

The International Mirror Association is keen to get more young helms into the class, and as a result is running an Invitational Series for the top Sabot helms in the State, on the morning of 30 th January 2005 at the DSS.

Big prize money is up for grabs, with those helms finishing in the top 12 places in the selection trials for the 2004/2005 National Sabot Championships being invited to compete.

Mirror owners will provide their boats at no cost to the competing helmspersons.

In another promotional event, Mirrors will take part in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, with a demonstration sail off Kings Pier at 10.30 am on Saturday 12th February 2005 prior to competing at the Royal Hobart Regatta in the afternoon.

Once again, racing at the Royal Hobart Regatta will be a combined grudge match between the International Cadets, Herons and Mirrors.

Last year the Mirrors won, so they’ll be pulling out all stops to retain the shield.

For any information regarding the Mirror Class, contact Jenny Graney, on 6229 4590 or