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Photo Competition


Gavin Rigby's late entry: a great photo of Glenn Collings in the 2003 Worlds in Hobart


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Opening day 2004 at Perth's Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Photo submitted by Kate Wearn.


Harmony (Ellen & Kate Russell) battling it out in the 2003 Nationals in Hobart. This photo was taken by Mark Barrington.mmmmnnClose competition: Kamakaze II, The Edge & Kamakaze at KBSC on Saturday. (Greg Pullen photo)

The Edge holds out Commodore Steve Reynolds' Laser at the wing mark at KBSC on Saturday. (Greg Pullen photo)nnmmmiiiiFull concentration! (Greg Pullen photo)


This photo of Tag sailing on the Derwent River was entered by Garry Kennedy.nnnnnnnnnLaurence Barrington and Jessie Atherton (Kamikaze II )showing Guy Wilkins( Norbert) the way during the Worlds in Hobart.(Mark Barrington photo)


Peter Forster submitted this 1988 cover of the Canberra Yachtsman, featuring his brother Michael in Cherry Ripe.wwwwwwwwAction on Lake Burley Griffin, 1989. Photo by Peter Forster

David Moore , training on the Mersey River, Devonport, 1995. Graeme Moore photo.wwwwwwThe Mouse With the Cheesey Grin (Michael Forster/Danny Keys) on Lake Burley Griffin, 1989. Photo sent in by Michael Forster.

Pictured at Kingston Beach Sailing Club Opening Day Saturday Oct. 2, Jenny Graney & Dan Parry in Carpe Diem Greg Pullen photo. wwwwww


Limelight (Christopher Truskett) on the Mersey River. Photo submitted by Graeme Moorewwwww Limelight, helmed by Christopher Truskett and crewed by David Moore. Photo from Graeme Moore

.Surfing on the Derwent River at the 2003 Nationals. Daniel Pullen and Jay Rapson in Fria. Photo by Greg Pullen wwCurrent Australian National Champion David Moore practising on the Derwent River for the Mirror Worlds in January 2003. Photo submitted by Graeme Moore.

This picture of Andrew Joyce helming Time 'n' Tide in the 2002 Schools Regatta,at Lindisfarne, is our third entry in the photo competitionwwwwwwwwYurgen Sereduik submitted this colourful shot of his boat Solar Plexus as he mixes it in the 2003 Nationals in Hobart. Photo by Moving Pictures

Geoff Wilson has submitted his photo of Vasco 2 ,with current Australian sub-junior champions Liam Wilson(helm) and Lloyd Casey (crew) testing a new sail in front of Claremont Yacht Club, WA.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwCurrent Australian Champion David Moore at the Queensland Nationals 2004. Photo by Graeme Moore

The Edge, helmed by Daniel Pullen & crewed by John Harvey, powering into Kingston Beach. (Photo: Greg Pullen)wwwwThis photo, taken on the Derwent River by an Irish camerman during the 2003 World Championships, was submitted by Yurgen Sereduikmmm

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