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Ready for a rig change ?


The UK Mirror Class Association has put forward a proposal to change the current gunter rig on the Mirror, and to replace it with all-alloy "bermuda" spars.
Tasmanian sailors: Please follow the five links below to read the detailed proposition
(complete with photos) & some detailed responses.
Send your comments to Jenny Graney, at IMCAT.
For Australia to have some input into this revolutionary change,
your thoughts need to be communicated before the end of May

Further to the discussion on the Bermuda/Alloy rig proposal, it appears that the vote on this will not be until later on in the year. This will give us more time to disemminate all the views/ information/ costs etc. Please keep sending me your thoughts if you have not already done so. Hopefully, before the official vote the case for and against will be properly documented and circulated.

Jenny Graney, Secretary, IMCAT

2005 IMCA I Technical Response to UK

2005 bermuda rig draft rules

2005 IMCA I Technical Response to UK

2005 RIG comment SL