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Some of the sailors and the action in the 2004 MacIntyre Cup series

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Overall winners Andrew and Stuart Roberts kept a close eye on their sail settings as well as the opposition throughout the races.

The series began with a real surprise as lone sub-junior entry The Edge (Daniel Pullen & John Harvey) outfoxed veteran helm Mark Barrington and crew Will Maher to lead the entire race until old age & cunning prevailed within 15 metres of the finish line.

Jenny Graney & Dan Parry in Carpe Diem lead the bunch through the tricky currents, weed patches and fickle wind shifts which characterised Saturday's racing.


One of the two northern boats to contest the event, All Fired Up has a relaxed attitude even with Ken Barnes & Tom Dobie in Fast Glass planning a passing manoeuvre. However, Roger Orr and forard hand Josh Baker were wide awake on Sunday morning, as the weather quickly changed in Elwick Bay !

Jessie Atherton folded father Grant into the bow of Kamikaze, working him hard all series with some solid placings (no doubt with plenty of paternal advice flowing aft. )

Another Dad to experience the contortions necessary for a big forard hand was Peter Gore, as son Seb. enjoyed the legroom available to the skipper. Peter wasn't always as agile, and scored a nasty slice on the forehead from a gybing vang strop as a souvenir of the weekend.




Frustration for most of the fleet in the third heat ( which was abandoned to the delight of some and the angst of others) was evident as Flying Flathead (David and Haylee Smith) conjoured up enough breeze to set the kite, but were taken well from their mark by an unpredictable current helped by a " king flat " tide.


Jenny Graney & Dan Parry don't want to be messed with...

...and Paul Matthews looks like he's just been told that Mirror racing is serious business. Second Wind's crew Lyndon remains unfazed.


Saturday afternoon saw some breeze fill in, and running spinnaker duels became the order of the day. Pukeko & Kamikaze tough it out.


Sunday morning saw a westerly change prevail.Quarterflash (Bevan & Simon Baker) show Second Wind the way to the windward mark, and completed the gybe successfully.


Which is more than can be said of these characters !

(Who is that hiding Foo-like behind the white centreboard ?!)

There were logical explanations. Roger suffered a snapped tiller moments before.
Did Mark go out in sympathy? Or did he know that just around the corner he too would be towed to the clubhouse , his own rudder flapping astern ?

All Fired Up was stuck mast-down in the infamous black mud, and had to be righted with a line from the rescue boat. His sail peak and clew end carried the indelible " Montrose Pennant " !

After some late departures on Saturday afternoon, The Edge got away well the following day But 90 degree windshifts just off the start line blew bias calculations out the window, and as the Good Book prophesied : " Many that are first shall be last " (Matthew xix,30)


Things began to speed up. Pukeko was streamlined...

... Inside Edge (Michael Brown & Alex Rigby) were up & at it ...

... Grant experienced the heart palpitations of all driving instructors as Jess hit the pedal ...

... while Jenny gritted her teeth as Dan went for the centreboard...

... and it was fast Flathead and flying Glass as they ran back through the line.


The last race of the series was a blast ! Kamikaze, Kamikaze II,Pukeko, The Edge at full speed inside Quarterflash & Fantasmic as they bolt for the gybe mark.

Daniel & John were living dangerously on The Edge as they flew a kite in the gusts.And they were not alone when it all came unstuck ...

Simon Baker gets some leverage as Bevan gets to Quarterflash's board for a quick recovery.

It was wild ! Second Wind burying her nose as she crashes through the chop; Carpe Diem launching skyward and The Edge still battling on despite being swamped to the gunnels for the entire race.

That's about 400 litres of indoor pool which they managed to get over the line.


Mark Barrington & Will Maher - Tasmanian's sole representatives at the Perth Nationals - seen here in Kamikaze II at the front of the fleet during the MacIntyre Cup.


The victors. IMCAT President Grant Atherton and Secretary Jenny Graney pass over the MacIntyre Perpetual Trophy to 2004 winners Andrew & Stuart Roberts.

Then it was Grant's turn to receive an award. Jessie made him work hard for their second place on handicap. Well done Jessie !!

Heat winners received a $25 voucher for their efforts: Andrew & Stuart Roberts;Ken Barnes & Tom Dobie; Michael Brown & Alex Rigby; Mark Barrington & Will Maher.


Peter Gore picked up a cap to cover the wound on his forehead. Why is Seb. laughing ?

Only one shackle key for the Flying Flathead team ? David has his hand out but Haylee
has a claim on it as she reckons it's the crew's job to check the rigging.

John & Daniel were awarded the sub-junior title.Sadly there were no other sub-junior or junior crews entered, which says much about the future vitality of the class.

And a couple of living legends discuss wheelchair racing as an alternative to sailing - although
" Mrs Mirror " (Jenny Graney) doesn't appear convinced by Bob Fowler's reasoned argument.

"Carpe Diem" indeed !! .


(Commentary & photos by Greg Pullen)