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New Dates:

IMCAT have moved away from the traditional dates of the MacIntyre Cup and the State Championships.

It is hoped that we will be sending a team to WA for the next National Championships, which will be the selection for the team to go to Sweden for the 2005 World Championships. In order for the boats to arrive in WA in time, the container will need to leave Hobart by 6 th December by Toll transport, who have indicated that they will look after as they did last year going to Queensland.

For this reason, we have moved the MacIntyre Cup to 27 th and 28 th November 2004. It will be held at Montrose Bay Yacht Club, and there will be a training component included, particularly for those further down the fleet.

We want this to be a maximum participation regatta. Anyone having transport problems should contact their club rep. or Jenny Graney to work out a solution.


The State Championships will be held on the weekend after the March Long Weekend (March 19/20 2005) at Deviot S.C.
We are hoping to get some of the Sabot Sailors who have outgrown the Sabot Class to have a crack at this.

Sabot Helm Challenge Race DSS: Sunday January 30 th 2005.

This will be the first week back sailing for the Dinghy Group after the Nationals and a couple of weeks break.

IMCAT are inviting the top 12 Sabot sailors in the state to race against each other (in our boats) for some prize money put up by IMCAT. This will be a morning only event, as the Sabots will have their own Pennant Race in the afternoon.

For those Mirrors who are able to stay for the afternoon, we are planning to take out some of the Junior Sabot Sailors.

For this event to be a success, WE NEED ALL MIRROR SAILORS TO BRING THEIR BOATS and themselves along for this important event.

We need more young people in the class, and it won’t happen without your help.


Want to earn yourself $300?

IMCAT will pay for the best action Mirror photo. The photo must be able to be used freely for promotional purposes by IMCAT. Entries close 31 st October 2004 .

Your can send your entries by post to 6 Carinya St, Blackmans Bay 7052 or by email to

You can check out the progress of the competition on the website.

Boats for Sale can be viewed on the website and include:

Limelight: Boat and Triple Trailer $2,500

White Lightning: John Penman

Star Bellied Sneetch: Neil Shepherd

Rear View: Michael Wilkinson (glass)

Bucket: Richard McMinn

For information on any aspect of Mirror sailing, contact the Secretary, Jenny Graney, 6 Carinya St, Blackmans Bay 7052 ph 6229 4590 or email