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Mirror Legends Regatta
January 29,2006

Ten of Tasmania’s Mirror legends lined up on Sunday afternoon for a three-race series to determine the Legend of Legends! Or was it meant to be a bit of fun?

The photos on the web site show plenty of smiles but the racing was pretty full on, although ultimate legend Norm Deane “let off” eventual winner David Graney on a blatant port/starboard incident (for which there was no shortage of witnesses).

The first start was a beauty with Jenny Graney being very fast off the line and hanging on for a half boat-length win over husband David in the first heat. Jenny was sailing with Daniel Pullen up front, who was well-practiced and cashed up after his success with MikeyWalden in the Sabot Challenge earlier in the day. Wildcard Nick McKim MHA ,who gained his Legend status as a forward hand with Rod Viney, looked like he knew boats by sailing to a 5th in the first race amongst the star studded fleet. Mark Barrington had Canadian import Sue Pilling aboard and still looked very fast through the water despite the extra weight as compared to his normal flea weight crew Seb Spinks.

It was great to
watch veteran sailors Steve McElwee, Mark Barrington and David Graney battling each other down the run in one race,but the surprising thing was that they weren’t battling for the lead at that stage. Near octogenarian Norm Deane sailing with Rhys Witt showed the fleet to the windward mark in race two only to get the spinnaker sheet around the end of the boom.If you’ve ever done it you’ll know Norm didn’t manage to hang on to his lead!

national champ David Moore teamed up with experienced but pint-sized International Cadet, Optimist and Mirror sailor Tom Kennedy in TAG, but must have got out of bed the wrong side – they overlaid the compulsory gate in one race and also did a 720 (yes I know it’s now a two turns penalty, but 720 is quicker to say) after a port/starboard near miss.

While the men were flexing their muscles around the course the only female legend present
,Jenny Graney, was staking her claim to be the ultimate legend.She had openly stated while watching the Sabot Challenge in the morning how good it would be to beat all the other contenders . Following her all-the-way win in the first heat, she and Daniel followed up with a third in heat two (after allowing husband David to get in front?).

Michael Adams and son Cameron came all the way from Melbourne to compete but were dogged by bad luck in Pukeko with retriever line trouble, followed by the rudder coming off! They got things together and were mixing it with the rest of the fleet in heat three. The start of the final heat saw the only recall of the day, an individual with around four boats appearing to be over.Several came back, but the code flag X remained firmly hoisted in the air!!! Jenny and Daniel had apparently reached a consensus (as one does in the mad seconds after a start recall) that they would go for broke and pray it was not them. Unfortunately, although coming in the top few boats across the line they were judged OCS and disqualified from the race.

Meanwhile Nick McKim and Rod Viney decided to forget about the fleet racing and embarked on their own America’s Cup style match race with the former crew all over his old skipper after getting a good look at the stern of Rod’s boat Fantasmic during the second race.

Steve McElwee with daughter Brianna up front in Cicada V was consistently performing and working his way up the leader board, but let David Graney split tacks with him on the last beat of race three. John Penman with daughter Georgia in White Lightning decided to get serious after being judged 'sailed wrong course' in heat one and getting caught away from the start at the critical time for race two. Even though getting away well behind the fleet, they worked up to a respectable 6th in the second heat. Heat three was time for them to put it all together with a convincing win.

At the end of the day there were plenty of anxious faces as the results were delivered. Norm Deane’s let-off allowed David Graney (who is understood to be having a hearing test this week) and Andrew Reid in Sky III to take the series in a tight finish from Mark Barrington and Sue Pilling in Kamikaze II, with Steve and Brianna McElwee in Cicada V third.

After the disappointment of the final race OCS, Jenny and Daniel still managed 4th overall in the three race, no drop series. A post race BBQ and refreshments at DSS helped revive some old stories, and old friendships (and some rivalries?) were renewed. It was a truly enjoyable day.

Many thanks to all who helped with the events - owners for making their boats available, crews and competitors, RYCT/DSS Dinghy Group for facilities and organization, with special mentions for PRO Murray Jones (yes he too used to sail a Mirror), Scott Price, Gary Langford, Greg Brooks, photographer Greg Pullen, and camera boat driver Garry Kennedy.

Grant Atherton,
President IMCAT

The results

Mirror Legends Regatta 2006
Boat Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Rank
Sky III David Graney Andrew Reid 2 1 3 6 1
Kamikaze II Mark Barrington Sue Pilling 3 4 2 9 2
Cicada V Steve McElwee Brianna McElwee 7 2 4 13 3
Carpe Diem Jenny Graney Daniel Pullen 1 3 11(O) 15 4
AAA Norm Deane Rhys Witt 6 5 5 16 5
TAG David Moore Tom Kennedy 4 7 6 17 6
White Lightning John Penman Georgia Penman 11(F) 6 1 18 7
Kamikaze Nick McKim Jessie Atherton 5 9 7 21 8
Fantasmic Rod Viney Dylan Gore 8 8 8 24 9
Pukeko Michael Adams Cameron Adams 9 11(F) 9 29 10