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Mirror Legends 2006

(There are about 40 photos here, so the page may be slow to load.)

Setting out for another sail. International & Montrose Bay Mirror great Norm Deane
ready for the challenge with crew Rhys Witt.

All smiles. Jenny Graney, the lone woman contender in the Legends Regatta, folded
Daniel Pullen into the bow of Carpe Diem. An OCS in the final heat cost Jenny the crown.

The youngest legend on the block. David Moore prepares for his first outing in two years.

Multi-MacIntyre Cup winner Steve McElwee setting out in Cicada V with his daughter
Brianna in the bow.

Rod Viney campaigned Fantasmic, ably assisted by Dylan Gore, who's
very much at home in the front of this boat.

The first start .Norm Deane off the front bench ahead of Nick McKim.
Michael Adams in Pukeko hoping for a fast start on port.

"Seizing the day", Jenny Graney had established a handy lead as she laid the first mark.

The fleet in full flight. Nick and Jessie in Kamikaze are giving
Sky III's tactician something to think about as they prepare to round..

Kamikaze, Sky III, White Lightening, Tag, Cicada V ,Kamikaze II, AAA, Fantasmic, Pukeko.

Plenty of action as old rivals Steve McElwee & Mark Barrington prepare for a spinnaker run.


Mister Graney was still trying to overtake Kamikaze.
But Mrs Graney, pilotting Carpe Diem, was still well ahead in the domestic series.

Mark, assisted by visiting Canadian Mirror exponent Sue Pilling, overhauled
Steve & Brianna in a display of international teamwork.

Surf's up !

With forward hand Andrew Reid paying close attention to the spinnaker,
David Graney illustrates the concentration necessary to become a Mirror master.

David Moore and Tom Kennedy in TAG hang on to Kamikaze, while David chases Jenny.
A replay of "salad days" ?

Rod Viney gets the inside run at the bottom mark, dousing the kite as
Victorians Michael & Cameron Adams go wide in Pukeko.


Abracadabra!.......... Is Michael Adams steering by magic... ?

... he was certainly cursing the rudder a little later !

David ducks under the boom; Tom's on the jib sheet as TAG rolls through a tack.

John Penman has White Lightning in fine trim, teaming with daughter Georgia.

Keeping an eye on the telltales keeps the boat flat and fast ...

...although Nick believes Mirror sailing is simply a matter of holding your tongue just right.


Two beautifully presented Mirrors. Norm Deane's AAA & John Penman's White Lightning.

Jenny & Daniel were all smiles despite being tailgated.

Fantasmic and Kamikaze II free the sheets for a downwind tussle.

Rod Viney & Dylan Gore - getting down to business.

Mark & Sue combined well for a hard-won second in the final placings.

Cicada V sheeted in hard as Steve calls for a little more speed.

TAG's owner Garry Kennedy - who normally doesn't see his boat from the outside -
was surprised to see the relatively small spinnaker his boat when compared to the
fuller kites flown by the competition. Should he tell David Moore ?!

White Lightning on the way to a convincing win in heat 3. Carpe Diem looked a
serious challenge, until judged OCS after crossing the line.

Cicada V & AAA running hard to the mark.

Grand master David Graney (with Andrew Reid) in a serious down-wind
manoeuvre,overtaking Nick McKim/Jessie Atherton & John/Georgia Penman

David Moore eases past Rod Viney in Fantasmic.

The Adams team had a great outing in Pukeko - well worth the trip from
Victoria for a pleasant day's competition on the Derwent.

The Tasmanian Mirror Legends.
David Graney (with Andrew Reid),Mark Barrington (with Sue Pilling),
Steve McElwee (with Brianna McElwee)

Norm Deane congratulates David on his new title, while Steve & Brianna look on.

The End !

When you've worn the backside out of your pants, then repaired them & reinforced them
after decades of helming , you're on track to becoming a true Mirror Legend.


(photos & comment by Greg Pullen)