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Sabot Mirror Challenge 2006

Sunday January 29th saw seven helms from the Senior Sabot State Team line up for the Mirror Challenge, with Mirrors and crews organized by IMCAT and some cooperative boat owners. With a spare boat available, Silka Price and Catherine Gayton, who traveled to Yeppoon QLD with the state team and competed in Sabot Week Regatta, put up their hands and shared the boat with James Onn, all keen to have a crack at controlling three sails rather than the Sabot’s single sheet.

After the odd sleep in, time was short and the new helms had a very restricted practice time before the first of the three race series got under way. This was to show its effect as the boats rounded the windward mark and it was time for the spinnakers to go up. Canadian import Sue Pilling, who has competed at several Mirror World Championships as a crew, just happened to be staying with Mirror legend Norm Deane and formed an all girl crew with Jess Atherton in Kamikaze. They looked pretty comfortable in the first heat with a narrow win from Mikey Walden sailing with experienced Mirror crew and helmsman Daniel Pullen (who has been seen more recently campaigning a 420 with his old Mirror crew John Harvey) sailing Carpe Diem. “George” Jones and Mathew Graney combined well in Sky III and could be heard loudly at several mark roundings enforcing their rights.

Sam and Georgia Penman were probably the lightest crew combination in White Lighting but kept the boat nice and flat and were fast around the course. Seb and Dylan Gore had their moments in Fantasmic as did Rohan Langford and Seb Spinks in Kamikaze II who led for part of one race only to drop back a few spots towards the end of the race. David Fletcher and Connor Dobie looked threatening at times upwind but came unstuck on some unfavourable shifts and had troubles with the spinnaker on Pukeko. (Pukeko had more troubles in the Legend’s series in the afternoon and seemed to be jinxed on the day – not that sailors are superstitious!).

The three-person team sharing duties in The Edge suffered from the lack of an experienced forward hand and limited practice time - or was it that they were distracted by their close encounter with a pod of five playful dolphins as they left the marina to head out to the course! RYCT/DSS Dinghy Group Coach Scott Price was trying to explain a dry land capsize routine to his enthusiastic beginners class when the dolphins grabbed their attention. After trying to persist with no luck, Scott told the kids to go to the end of the jetty to check out the dolphins and they would then continue the lesson. He didn’t have to tell them twice!!

After their 2nd in the first heat, Mikey and Daniel in Carpe Diem stepped up a notch to win the next two heats taking out the series with only 4 points from the three races from a consistent Sam and Georgia Penman in White Lightening with the all girl crew of Jess and Sue in Kamikaze hanging on for third. There was some good close racing with consistently good starts proving that these Sabot kids know how to start a boat race!

Many thanks to all who helped with the events - owners for making their boats available, crews and competitors, RYCT/DSS Dinghy Group for facilities and organization, with special mentions for PRO Murray Jones (yes he too used to sail a Mirror), Scott Price, Gary Langford, Greg Brooks, photographer Greg Pullen, and camera boat driver Garry Kennedy.

Grant Atherton,
President IMCAT

The results

Sabot Mirror Challenge 2006
Boat Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Rank
Carpe Diem Mikey Walden Daniel Pullen 2 1 1 4 1
White Lightning Sam Penman Georgia Penman 3 2 2 7 2
Kamikaze Jess Atherton Sue Pilling 1 5 3 9 3
Sky III George Jones Mathew Graney 4 3 4 11 4
Fantasmic Seb Gore Dylan Gore 5 4 6 15 5
Kamikaze II Rohan Langford Seb Spinks 6 7 5 18 6
Pukeko David Fletcher Connor Dobie 8 6 7 21 7
The Edge Silka Price/Catherine Gayton/James Onn 7 8 8 23 8